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Press Trip - Snow Volleyball Tour

Sport, snow, fun, adrenaline and breathtaking views: these are the main ingredients of the Snow Volleyball Tour, a completely new sport introduced to Italy in 2013 by Amway, the main sponsor of the European Snow Volleyball Tour.

Amway wants to publicise this new winter sport and, with its NUTRILITE brand, the leading brand of vitamin, mineral and dietary supplements, promote the values associated with the importance of having an active lifestyle, a balanced diet and appropriate dietary supplements to improve sporting performance and speed up recovery.

In conjunction with the Tourist Board in Plan de Corones, where the Italian leg of the Snow Volleyball Tour is held, Connexia proposes a press trip involving the leading sports, lifestyle and diet/wellness media.

The first edition caught the attention of the media, such as La Gazzetta dello Sport,, and Men’s Health. The press trip experience was successfully repeated for the 2014 and 2015 tours and over 160 press releases have been issued in the past two years.

The Snow Volleyball Tour by Amway increased in popularity and featured volleyball champions of the calibre of Greta Cicolari, Giulia Toti, Francesca Giogoli, Giulia Decordi and the twins Paolo and Matteo Ingrosso playing on Team NUTRILITE. This generated over 160 press releases in the past two years and captured the interest of Sky Sport, Sport Mediaset Italia 1, Tutto Sport, SportItalia, and Vanity Fair to name but a few.



Promote the Snow Volleyball Tour, a new way to play volleyball in the snow with the NUTRILITE brand.


A press trip with the leading sports, lifestyle and diet/wellness media.


Over 160 press releases during the 2014 and 2015 edition.