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Press Office & Media Relations

Connexia has run the Italian press office for Amway, the world’s leading direct-selling company, since 2012.

Amway’s goal is to strengthen brand awareness, convey its global leadership position in its industry, and increase understanding about its direct-selling vehicles and methods, in addition to promoting its products.

We proposed regular corporate media relations and product activities for the beauty (Artistry) and nutrition (NUTRILITE, XS Power Drink) brands distributed exclusively by Amway.
We have also been handling the organisation of ad hoc events with the involvement of the press, bloggers and influencers at product launches for four years, such as the open day for bodykey, the NUTRILITE weight management programme, or the presentation of the Satinique hair care range in an exclusive beauty salon.

In order to publicise the entrepreneurial opportunities that Amway offers its sales force, including job flexibility and customised training, and, more generally, to promote the debate about entrepreneurship using media relations activities and press presentations, we assist Amway in communicating the Amway Global Entrepreneurship Report which the company has produced together with GFK and Munich Technical University for the past six years.

Thanks to the initiatives implemented by the company in partnership with Connexia, brand awareness about Amway is constantly increasing as is its press coverage, which exceeded 550 articles in 2015.



Increase brand awareness, communicate Amway’s global leadership in its industry, and raise awareness about direct selling.


Regular corporate media relations and product activities and special initiatives.


Media coverage with over 500 articles published in a year.