Community Management

Team Nutrilite Online Community

NUTRILITE is the world’s leading brand of vitamin, mineral and dietary supplements distributed exclusively by Amway, and the Official Nutrition Supplement Provider of A.C. Milan, and it wants to create a branded community dedicated to sport and nutrition.

So we created the Italian Team NUTRILITE Online Community, the social network for sportspeople, people who love a healthy, active lifestyle and those who want to feel good and keep fit.

Connexia proposed an editorial plan that includes original content to help promote a healthy, balanced diet and the right approach to sport and training and welcomes tips from NUTRILITE experts and testimonials from NUTRILITE athletes.

An events calendar lists and highlights the key sporting events and all the brand-related events taking place throughout Italy, such as the Amway Active Tour.

The forum offers a place where users can interact with other community members and with the team of experts.

The Team NUTRILITE Community is also on Facebook with a European page that has over 75,000 fans.



Create a branded community dedicated to sport and nutrition.


An editorial plan offering content that promotes a healthy diet, a balanced approach to sport, tips and opinions from NUTRILITE experts, and testimonials from NUTRILITE athletes.


A Facebook page with over 75,000 fans.