Social Media Strategy

Social Media &iPR

Audi needs to develop a digital and social strategy that will convey the brand’s values and increase lead generation using a well-defined framework that measures results.

Connexia proposed devising and developing a strategy that focuses on increasing brand visibility by leveraging the unique features of the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube and LinkedIn channels.

Excellent results were achieved while managing the properties of Audi Italia. One of these that deserves a mention is how well the Facebook fanpage performed as it has a fanbase of more than 1,500,000 users making Audi the automotive brand with the highest number of fans and interactions on Facebook in Italy, and another is the activation of one of the first advertising campaigns ever produced on Instagram in Italy.

By working closely with Audi Italia’s PR and communication department, we assisted the client in the process of amplifying the brand by using social channels and involving bloggers and influencers in the special initiatives organised by the brand, based on the example of Audi City Lab, which led to a considerable rise in the number of conversations in the online ecosystem.

Another area in which we provided our services was conducting ongoing online sentiment monitoring with Duepuntozero Doxa, and analysing what people were saying online about the Audi brand, its products and its special initiatives.



Increase brand awareness and lead generation by using social media.


A strategy that targets the individual social channels, with a focus on brand visibility with iPR activities and special initiatives.


Audi is the automotive brand with the highest number of fans and interactions on Facebook in Italy.