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#tifaXbene, say no to fan violence

The reputation of football is being tarnished by increasingly more frequent incidents of fan violence.

From the devastation in the centre of Rome by Feyenoord fans to the Greek football league being suspended due to repeated incidents of fan violence, football hooligans are being consistently disloyal to the spirit of the game.

Betfair wanted to launch a positive message to shake up people’s ideas and steer them towards a cleaner approach so it involved some fans in an unconventional initiative for the big Roma-Juve match at the beginning of March 2015, which is always a heated event and an intensely emotional day for all the supporters of both teams as the top position of the league is at stake.

Connexia devised the concept and produced the initiative which involved the web star Maurizio Valente, who jumped at the chance to help. Maurizio is famous for his social awareness videos that have been reported on by all the Italian media and his appearances on the “Le Iene” TV show.

Betfair rounded up some young Roma and Juventus fans and sent them off around Rome city centre … to sort out the city. No bottles were thrown, no windows broken, no fountains damaged, and no scuffles broke out: instead they displayed clean and commendable teamwork between rival supporters to make everyone understand that fans can and must be something else other than violent.

The initiative’s claim, #tifaXbene (support for good) encapsulates all the desired good intentions and aims to encourage all extreme fans to “Cash Out” from fan violence.

At the start this initiative raised more than a few eyebrows from passers-by, but as it continued everyone agreed with and supported the initiative as they understood what the lads were trying to do and they appreciated their desire to get to work to pass on the positive message that #tifaXbene wants to get across.

You decide. Cash Out from fan violence and #tifaXbene.



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