Condé Nast

Digital Solution

Redesign the La Cucina Italiana website

The Condè Nast media company appointed Connexia as its partner to redesign the website of the La Cucina Italiana magazine.

In preparation for the redesign Connexia and Condè Nast both took part in a workshop during which they identified the four concept pillars which were then used to guide the entire restyling project.

We designed and developed a fully responsive website that ensures an engaging user experience, provided clearly organised intuitive editorial content, and a private area packed with features, with the option for users to upload their own recipes.

Over 4,000 recipes and 1,800 editorial articles were published on the La Cucina Italiana website to communicate the excellence and authenticity of the Italian culinary experience.

For the website launch, we also managed the editorial plan on La Cucina Italiana social channels for two weeks: Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Instagram.

Posts and tweets were used to promote the website’s restyling, introduce fans and followers to the website’s new features and engage them with captivating content, such as the “battles” between regional specialities, quizzes about traditional and unusual cooking equipment and about mysterious ingredients.

The best-performing FB post got 4.5 K likes and the most commented post had over 600 interactions with users.



Redesign the website


Engaging user experience, clearly organised editorial content, a private area packed with features, an editorial plan to support the launch on social channels


A fully responsive website, over 4,000 recipes and 1,800 editorial articles published