Digital Safari

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Connexia goes to Silicon Valley

Connexia decided to help the top management of a client company to develop, grow professionally and be more open to change by providing a unique digital immersion at some of the most innovative companies in the heart of Silicon Valley, San Francisco, California.

We organised all aspects of the “Digital Safari”: scheduling appointments, in-house workshops and team-building activities. We also identified and selected ten globally important companies and start-ups and organised visits to their headquarters as well as ad hoc workshops and meetings.

We visited Google, Facebook, Twitter, Airbnb, Uber, Postmates, Percolate, Fitbit and Square.

It was an unforgettable experience which all the participants found particularly engaging and it definitely helped them to change how they think about and approach business.



Use digital immersion to ensure the professional growth and openness to change of the top management from a client company


Plan and organise a Californian Digital Safari: meetings and workshops at the ten top companies in the heart of Silicon Valley


An unforgettable experience visiting ten globally important digital companies and start-ups that enabled the participants to see the business through new eyes.