Tourist Office for Flanders

Digital Strategy

Social Media Management, Social ADV, Digital PR

During the year of Expo 2015 VISITFLANDERS, the Tourist Office for Flanders, appointed Connexia to promote the destination’s “state-of-the-art” qualities using social activities, digital PR and events in the Belgium pavilion that revolved around food, cycling and cultural heritage.

Tapping into our wealth of experience in the tourism industry, we created an ongoing structured editorial plan to run from May to October for the official Flanders social accounts. We also managed all the advertising on social media and the Google and Yahoo portals, and helped maximise interest-generating initiatives by enhancing their visibility on social pages.

One of the most successful activities designed, developed and promoted by Connexia was the ‘BicyClick’ Facebook contest: users from the fanbase were invited to post a picture that represented their passion for cycling. The picture voted to be the most evocative won a weekend trip to discover Flanders … naturally by bike!

We were also tasked with selecting an influencer: we chose Alessandro Marras from Alessandro travelled around Bruges, Ghent, Brussels and Antwerp to discover all the unique things Flanders has to offer. Alessandro’s trip produced videos which were used on social channels and also on the Flanders Facebook page where they were incredibly successful in terms of interaction and reach.

Finally, we coordinated and promoted the activities held in the square outside the Belgium pavilion during Expo 2015: for four days visitors to the pavilion were invited to enjoy the best of the local food and drink – Belgian fries, and of course Belgian beer – and snap a selfie with the fun branded beer mats and the #tastefiandre hashtag.

The pavilion was also the sole venue where exclusive videos made by Bernard Lefèvre and Luc Van Hoorebeke were screened, and prime examples of Flanders’ excellent food were showcased: chocolate and Belgian fries.

All the interviews organised and coordinated by us for the event were then posted on the Flanders Facebook page.

This huge success produced:

221% more impressions than the predicted KPI, supported by an ad hoc advertising strategy.

280 users in the BicyClick contest.



Promote the Belgium pavilion using social activities, digital PR and themed events linked to food, cycling and the Flemish cultural heritage.


Social media management, social ADV, and digital PR.


221% more impressions than the predicted KPI; sixty selfies taken at Expo with the #tastefiandre hashtag; 280 users took part in the BicyClick contest.