Free Yoga by Oysho

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The first ever free masterclass in Italy

Following the events in Madrid and Barcelona, Oysho wants to introduce Italy to an incredibly successful happening with the largest yoga event ever to be held in Milan so that it can increase brand visibility in Italy.

Connexia designed, produced and directed the event to ensure the Spanish brand benefited from the best possible experience. Firstly, we selected a high-impact venue – Parco Sempione – and coordinated relations with the City of Milan so that the event had the city’s backing.

To promote the event we implemented a plan for the PR, iPR and social media marketing, which ran parallel with an editorial plan that focused on the target audience to maximise the involvement and participation of the residents of Milan. We also produced an advertising campaign on Facebook.

One of the strategic aspects was the involvement of bloggers, ambassadors and an outstanding presenter – Fiammetta Cicogna, who is also a very keen yoga fan.

The masterclass was a major crowd-puller with more than 2,000 people taking part in the first free yoga event ever held in Italy.



Organise the largest ever yoga event in Milan, and repeat the success and high attendance of the Spanish events.


Design, produce and direct the event.


A major crowd-puller: over 2,000 participants.