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Creating the Difference - Yamaha Dealer Meeting 2016

Yamaha Motor is a multifaceted company and each dealer plays a crucial role in the different faces of the business. To best represent this concept, as well as the challenges facing dealers in such a highly competitive market, Connexia chose Creating the Difference as the key message for the event.

On a visual level, graphic elements were chosen that could be adapted to suit the different moments during the presentation and the many materials used: three stylised 3D molecules (white, red, and blue) which represented the different product clusters, or faces, of Yamaha.

The event venue was the futuristic CCIB, Barcelona’s International Convention Centre. Guests were greeted at the entrance by a spectacular time tunnel where all the hero products from the brand’s sixty-year history were on display. We chose a large, modern auditorium as it would act as an original, representative setting for an extravagant corporate convention featuring all of Yamaha’s 2015 World Champions as its speakers.

The exclusive gala dinner was accompanied by a live show presented by the Spanish showgirl Laura Barriales who then introduced a concert by the renowned English jazz singer Jamie Cullum, who captivated everyone with his magical jazz music, thrilling appearances by Yamaha’s MotoGPÔ champions Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo, and an award ceremony for the top European dealers with Hiroyuki Yanagi, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Yamaha. More than 2,000 attendees came from thirty different countries and were swept up in a whirlwind of emotions. The event conveyed the bold spirit of the Yamaha brand, which is in an excellent position to tackle the challenges posed by such a highly competitive market and win.



Present the new corporate strategy to the European Yamaha dealers. Relive the brand’s sixty-year history and strengthen the team spirit of those who continue to write it. Motivate the people that work with the company for the major challenges that are coming in the next five years.


Three different major set-ups for the three key moments of the Creating the Difference convention: a museum-style entrance with the historical time tunnel; a light stage built with LED frames and individually manageable colours and three mega screens set within these for the convention; a big set-up in the style of a stadium concert for the enormous room used for the gala dinner that seated over 2,200 people.


The key concepts were easily understandable and well communicated. The dealers were fully engaged on a corporate level (the five-year strategy), and also on a motivational and emotional level thanks to appearances by international stars from the “Yamaha World” (Rossi – Lorenzo).