Yamaha Motor Europe Filiale Italia


Scoober and guerrilla marketing for the Tricity launch

Yamaha Motor Europe Italia is ready to launch Yamaha Tricity, the Japanese motorcycle manufacturer’s first ever three-wheel commuter vehicle and the first really innovative mobility solution for the city thanks to its light, easy-to-manoeuvre and reliable design at an unprecedented price for this market.

Connexia, Yamaha’s long-standing communication partner, activated a special guerrilla marketing campaign called Scoober for Milan Fashion Week S/S 2015. Yamaha invited fashion industry professionals to come and experience an innovative test ride around the city free of charge during the six days of Milan Fashion Week, and when the guerrilla marketing campaign started a fleet of Yamaha Tricity vehicles arrived in Milan complete with riders to ferry around everyone who had accepted the invitation.

The Yamaha Tricity vehicles manoeuvred through traffic quickly with agility and reliability; perfect for people who are fed up with being stuck in their cars in city centres and want to try a scooter instead, even if they have never ridden one before. The initiative was so incredibly popular that many other people from the fashion industry who had not received an invitation from Yamaha in the lead up to the event were begging to use the innovative service.



Launch Yamaha Tricity in Italy.


Scoober, and activation of the guerrilla marketing campaign.


Major engagement and cross-sector media coverage.