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Wheels and Waves: event concept and media production


The backdrop for the event is the spectacular French coastline near Spain where everyone can enjoy the sea, inviting roads that are perfect for bike rides and incredible specials.

Connexia managed the entire presence of Yamaha Motor Europe at “Wheels and Waves” by producing and coordinating lots of activities.

First up, the agency’s team has revamped the massive stand in pure vintage-style in the event’s army tents, which are the real nerve centre of the eagerly anticipated festival and situated behind the futuristic Cité de l’Océan in Biarritz, a stone’s throw from the some of the most popular beaches with surfers on the Atlantic Ocean.

Brand new for the fifth edition was the flat track race at San Sebastian racecourse (Spain) during which Yamaha, supported by Connexia, organised Faster Sons Riot, an invitational exhibition in which the most famous  international customizers and influencers battled it out on the single-cylinder Yamaha SR400s specially prepared for flat track.

Connexia also organised the Yamaha spaces in the ArtRide III Gallery, the traditional exhibition of motorcycle art which this year was set up in a former fishermen’s warehouse in Pasaia San Pedro, near the Spanish border. As part of the exhibition a local artist let loose redesigning the latest Yard Built Yamaha and screening the results on a special wall with an iPad.

Last, but not least, we created a fantastic photo/video production for corporate purposes using video editor 24/7 to publish live posts of the latest happenings on the Yamaha Motor Europe social channels.

FINAL VIDEO – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZW9sbfcbVfQ

TEASER – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Owm-rHXa8bw



Devise and coordinate the Japanese motorcycle manufacturer’s third official participation at Wheels and Waves.


Set up the army tents, organise the flat track race, and manage the Yamaha corner in the ArtRide III Gallery.


Outstanding live photo/video productions for corporate and media purposes.