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Facebook Contest

Tricity Social Bid, the first social media Dutch auction

Following the launch of the Yamaha Tricity during Milan Fashion Week with the innovative Scoober guerrilla marketing idea, a three-wheeler shuttle service that took journalists and industry professionals from one catwalk to another, Connexia has organised the launch of the latest mobility concept developed by the Japanese motorcycle manufacturer with a special initiative on social media.

Tricity Social Bid is an engaging contest that gives users a chance to win the new Yamaha Tricity. The main aim of the Facebook contest is to lower the starting amount on the counter, which is the actual retail price. Each person that registers helps to lower the price of the highly sought-after three wheeler by € 1 until it goes down to “zero” Euros.

As the first 3,490 people that signed up helped to reduce the price, they were entered into a draw to win a Yamaha Tricity.



Launch the Yamaha Tricity on social media.


Tricity Social Bid, an original Facebook contest featuring a Dutch auction.


Major engagement on social media.